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So you’re on the search for a foam camping mattress to bring on your next trip and you wound up here. That’s great! We will give some opinions on the best foam camping mattresses you should buy and give you a little guidance along the way.

When it comes to the comforts of camping, your sleep should not be the one thing you skimp on. There are many choices when it comes to what you’re actually going to sleep on or in. You have choices between a simple sleeping bag, air mattress, cot, and of course a foam mattress. There are many benefits of a foam mattress over the rest of them, mainly the comfort aspect, but are they all created equal?

When I was a kid growing up I always remember having a foam mattress. We used it for a variety of reasons and not just camping. If I had some friends come over for a sleepover we would set up the foam mattress. If we had company come over then I would have to give up my room and of course, the foam mattress would be coming out. If we went camping then you guessed it right the foam mattress would be coming with us. I’m not exactly sure the reason we opted for a foam mattress but I can certainly say it was much more comfortable than an air mattress. There is just something about the warmth and comfort which gave me a good restful sleep (when I had to use it anyway)

Are foam mattresses good for camping?

They certainly are, just don’t skimp on the price. The mattress will likely last you many many years. Unlike an air mattress, you’re not going to pop it so if you can take good care of it then it should last you a long time. Foam mattresses are not created equal so take this into consideration when choosing the one you will be purchasing. The thickness of the foam itself is one of your biggest considerations. That cannot be your only consideration though because your mattress will likely be traveling with you so finding something suitable for transportation is also a great consideration. Nowadays there is a technology that shrinks a foam mattress. I wish I had that type of convenience back in the day.

What are things to consider when purchasing a foam mattress?

There are a few things to consider and not all air mattresses are created equal and your situation might be different from someone else. There are some air mattresses that are suitable for hiking and others more suitable if you have the space to travel with something that does not inflate or deflate. Another consideration is the width of the foam itself, while it might be nice to get the thickest one available it makes storage and traveling harder. There are some that can be washed and others which you cannot. Foam mattresses can also be pretty heavy depending on which one you purchase, not ideal for someone who wants to take it hiking. Foam mattresses cradle your body as well which may lead to a warmer sleep, great for someone who wants that and terrible for someone who sleeps hot, to begin with. The size of the mattress must be a consideration too. It might be nice to think about a full queen-size foam mattress when you are camping but is that realistic at the same point?

The Best Foam Camping Mattress Options

We have scoured our sources to find the best options for you when looking for an ideal foam mattress for camping. We took a few things into consideration such as; price, comfort, amount of reviews from other customers, size consideration, manufacture confidence, quality, and ease of storage. Your free to view our choices and if you end up do not picking any of the following then at least you will be a little more educated on the foam mattresses and the considerations. We are unbiased in our options of recommendations. We research the best products, read the reviews and the pro’s and cons and present our best options to you.

More In Depth Review

Zermätte Roll Up Mattress | Ultralight Memory Foam Camping Mattress Sleeping Pad Folding Mat Cot Topper w/Waterproof Cover, Travel Bag, Eye Mask & Ear Plugs | Great for Hiking, Backpacking & Guest Bed

Carry your bed on your back! Whether you’re traversing a mountain, performing Pilates, hosting a sleepover, or traveling cross country in the camper.

The Zermatte roll-up mattress is your portable and on-the-go comfort. This thick roll-up mattress contains 3″ of foam support. 2″ of dense foam and the other 1″ of memory foam. This would suit many applications for use and is especially great for tent camping as it rolls uptight and does not take up too much space. It’s a great application for tenting as it gives a nice warm and cozy barrier between you and the ground. It includes a tote bag with built-in fastening clips and also supplied straps for carrying the mattress and using it as a backpack. This would be great for someone hiking, you can attach it to your hiking bag.

This would also be a great solution for car camping.

  • 3″ of foam
  • Convenient storage
  • Ultra plush
  • Waterproof
  • Warm
  • Not as lightweight needed for long hiking trips
  • Straps not high quality

Wellax Ultra Thick Flexfoam, Self Inflating 3 "

Could this be the ultimate camping foam mattress?

This thick flex-foam mattress is a little different from the previous zermatte roll-up mattress. It may be the ultimate mattress due to its unique features such as tear resistance (laminated 20d rip stop nylon and tpu layer), self-inflating convenience which meets air mattress comfort, is virtually silent, and waterproof. Due to the material used it also reflects back radiant heat to the user of the mattress. There is nothing worse than sleeping and being cold.

The mattress as we previously mentioned is able to inflate and deflate. The advanced technology includes 2 valves which make it quicker to inflate and deflate. There is no more pumping your mattress.

Due to its versatility, you can use this for much more than just camping. You can take it to the beach due to its tear resistance, you can use it for houseguests that come over unexpectedly, take it to the outdoor movies for extra comfort, kids mat for watching movies, or even just sleepovers.

Previous comments have been made that side sleepers get a great night’s to sleep out of this mattress. It maybe not be ideal for backpackers going hiking up a mountain due to its folded upsize and probably an ultralight pad would be better.

Deflating is super easy. Open the valves and fold the mattress in half and sit on the pad, then repeat again and again. Then close the valves.

  • Self-inflating/deflating
  • Tear Resistant
  • 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Virtually Quiet
  • 3″ Foam
  • Not Machine Washable
  • Not Backpacking Ideal

YOUKADA Sleep Pad Foam | Self-inflating Camping Mat

Sleeping Pad Foam with self-inflating technology with built in pillow

The Youkada sleeping pad is built for versatility. Ideal for road trips, camping, hiking, beachgoers, picnic and so on. It provides economical sleep insurance which offers cushion and support. We really like the fact that this sleeping pad provides a built-in pillow which the others we have reviewed do not. It’s also long enough at 78 inches that it fits most adults comfortably and you won’t have to worry about your feet getting cold.

This is a self-inflating pad just like the previous Wellax one we reviewed. There is no pump needed and a simple valve you open and close.

This really is a versatile sleeping pad and I would say it’s more of a pad than a mattress because of its thickness which is about 1.4-inch foam. It provides a good large sleeping area which 2 adults might be able to share but ideally it would be 1 adult or 2 children.

The size of the foam even at 1.4″ provides enough clearance with the inflation that you should not feel the ground below you. We would suggest that even though it does inflate on its own you might need to help it along at the end with some breaths to ensure you get it fully inflated.

While it’s not waterproof it certainly is water-resistant for those cool damp mornings you may wake up to.

  • Memory Foam
  • Light Weight
  • Water Resistant
  • Self inflating/deflating
  • Built in pillow
  • Comfortable
  • Carrying bag not the best quality
  • Maybe tricky to deflate

Milliard 6-inch Memory Foam Tri Folding Mattress

Now about 6″ of memory foam for the ultimate comfort. We wanted to include something that had over double the density of the other reviews for someone looking for a foam camping mattress with ultra support

Base on the previous 3 reviews, I wanted to include something totally different. Everything has different goals and everyone is not looking for something lightweight and portable. You might be in a totally different situation and you have the extra room when going camping to lug around something that is not compact. Maybe you’re looking for something simple to be used at home. Whatever the reason this might be the ultimate when it comes to thickness.

The Milliard Memory foam is a tri-fold system. It does not compress or inflate or deflate, it’s simply thick 6″ foam that folds up in 3 ways. It’s certainly the opposite of the previous 3 mattresses and that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Due to its ability to simply fold up in 3 setup takes a second and folding it up takes just as long.

This will come in various sizes as well such as Twin, Full and Queen sizes. Coming in at about 3lbs and bulky design it’s certainly not something to bring along for your hiking trip. The mattress itself is made up of 4.5 inches of foam support and 1.5 inches of spongy soft memory foam which is a balance of support and softness.

When this mattress is shipped to you it comes in a vacuum-sealed container, you will need to leave it out for about 96 hours before using it so that it can fully decompress.

Another great use for this would be if you have a camper or an RV and you need to make an additional bed on the floor. This gives you an extra sleeping space if you happen to need it for that situation. There are few drawbacks to this foam mattress aside from the fact that it’s big and clunky but the positives you get are pure comfort. Ideal for some based on their situations.

  • Maximum Foam 6″
  • Easy setup/takedown
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Memory Foam
  • Can Be Used As a Seat
  • Because it comes vacuum-sealed returning it might be harder as you need a big box
  • Bulky, not ideal if storage is an issue

There you have it, our reviews of the best options when it comes to a foam camping mattress. We gave you a few different models and took storage, comfort, and technology into consideration. I highly suggest if you find one of the choices above to be something you consider read the further reviews on the product detail page. I always find that the reviews never lie and if you happen to have 14,000 people who have purchased it with a 4.5 star rating out of 5 then you’re looking at the right product.

Foam mattresses are a great investment and while some of them might be higher in cost they are something you will get used out of year after year if taken care of properly. Ensure that when the season is over the mattresses are dried and put away properly and your investment will be taken care of perfectly.

Thanks for reading our blog article and happy adventures, wherever you might be going.

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