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Welcome to Chilliwack and your search for camping stores near me (or you). Being a local to Chilliwack I’ll be able to give you some insider information on where the best shops to go for camping supplies.

Chilliwack is located just an hour’s drive East of Vancouver. We have the Vedder river which is amazing for fishing on one side and the Fraser river which is equally as impressive on the other side. We have mountains, rivers, amazing camping locations located all over, hiking, quadding, waterslides, and other recreations.

For the number of tourists that visit Chilliwack on a yearly basis, I’m really surprised that we do not have more dedicated camping stores. In the last few years, we have added a few but not to the degree that I would have assumed would be needed. With cultus lake being a short 10-minute trip we sure see an increase in tourism during the summer months.

If you are in Chilliwack you might wonder ” where are camping stores near me”? Let’s look into that further!

Mt Waddingtons On Vedder Road

Mt Waddingtons is a niche camping store located on Vedder Road in Chilliwack

Mt Waddingtons is a really niche type outdoor store located in Chilliwack on the Sardis side. It’s only a minute’s drive from the Vedder river which is a very popular fishing destination. Their phone number is 604-846-1984. (Fun Fact) The owner Sam Waddington is also one of the city counselors. Mt Waddingtons is an outdoor retail store. They were established in 2012 and they are passionate about the wilderness experience.

This is probably the highest quality camping store you will find in Chilliwack. They have products such as Ultralight tents, trekking pols, running supplies, hiking footwear, tents, vests, rentals, food equipment, backpacks, camp kitchen, camp furniture, water accessories, lighting, sleeping bags, electronics, and more.

You can find Mt Waddington located at 5643 Vedder road.

Again, if you are looking for high-quality or professional equipment then this is certainly the place to go!

Canadian Tire On Vedder Road

The store that’s as Canadian as you can get has got to be Canadian Tire. You can find Canadian Tire also on Vedder road located at 7560 Vedder Road. In 2021 they actually announced they would be moving to the cottonwood mall which is only a few minutes drive away from their current location.

If you are Canadian then no introduction is needed for what you will find at Canadian Tire. If you are unfamiliar with our Canadian retail stores then think of Canadian tire as a very patriotic Canadian big-box retailer which is halfway between Walmart and Home Depot stores. They have large sections of tools, camping (during the season), seasonal goods, automotive, outdoor sporting goods, and so on. During the summer months, you will find pretty much anything a beginner camper would need. They have tents, chairs

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