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Best Camping Chair With Side Table

Can we admit that if you’re roughing it you need at least a few comforts in life? While it might not appear at first that a camping chair with a side table is a luxury item, it’s actually surprising how useful a side table can be vs not having one, to begin with. I must admit I have personally taken a ton of camping trips in my life and the annoyance of not having a side table can wreck an evening (maybe not an evening but certainly a few spilled drinks). Just imagine it, you finally have spent the last few hours unpacking your camping spot, got everything situated and you go to crack open a cold one and sit down in your chair (without a side table). Suddenly the wife calls you as you forgot one more thing, you go to put your drink down and realize you have no side table. You put your drink down on the ground knowing you will only be back in 30 seconds. Upon your return, you realize that your dog walked past and your cold beer has gone back to mother nature. This might seem like an extreme situation but I assure you it’s a legitimate concern, how many beers can you afford this to happen to.

Kidding aside that really is a situation that happens all the time without having a chair with a side table. The conveniences are endless and if you’re going to be using that chair for hours every night for a week straight it’s certainly a necessity.

We are going to review some of the best camping chairs with side tables in our opinion. We have scoured our sources to find you some good chairs for your next camping adventure. We take into consideration price, quality, reviews from customers who have purchased it already, and also we got to make sure it looks good right?

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Coleman Outpost Breeze Portable Folding Deck Chair with Side Table

This is priced to sell and has lots of features you will very overly happy with, comes at a
good bargain and good quality
-Great for camping, tailgating, beach, park
-Quality fabric
-Listed as an amazon bestseller
-Made by Coleman which is a big name in camping furniture

If you are familiar with just one name when it comes to camping and the great outdoors it’s Coleman furniture. They make everything from furniture, camping chairs with side tables, tents, and the list goes on. This chair specifically has made it onto the Amazon bestseller list so you know there are a ton of people buying and it.

The chair itself is very well built and suited for anyone under 300lbs. This would probably include the MR and Mrs sitting in the chair at the same time. The folding mechanism of this chair is very straightforward and easy. It’s an all-in-one design meaning nothing has to come apart for you to set it up and take it down which is a huge plus for us. The quality from Coleman is always great so the name has a lot of backing in the camping world. The chair itself is very comfortable and even for someone who’s pushing over the 200lbs it’s nice and large and you should not feel that it’s a squeeze to get into.

The table (which is exactly what this post is about) is made of sturdy material, you’re not going to be spilling a beer with this thing. The cup holders are actually removable as well for easy cleanups.

If you get a lot of good use out of this chair a quick tip would be to spray the joints every once in a while with some WD40 to ensure it’s always easy to fold out and fold up.

The only con to some people might be the backing might be a little short, especially for telling people and especially for people that really like to lean back.

-Holds up to 350lbs
-Amazing storage capacity below the table
-Cooler that holds about 24 beers, or pop i suppose
-Cell Phone holder=
-Padded backpack straps
-Powder-coated aluminum

When I was doing my research for this article this actually happened to be one of the top chairs. I was fully expecting it to be well over $300.00 Canadian so I was actually surprised at the final price. Could this be the ultimate chair for camping, beach, hiking, and whatever else you want when considering the best camping chair with a side table?

It certainly seems to cover all the expectations of the ultimate camping chair, that’s for sure. The chair itself is weighted very high and can accompany anyone who’s 350LBs. The table that is on the right seems to offer more than enough room for your drinks and the 2 level storage system below it really takes the cake. We all know we have those “things” we need within arms reach when we are sitting on our chair and with the built-in organization system, you can fit everything from your book, glasses, phone, wallet, keys, and whatever else you might need.

The quality of this chair is actually pretty impressive with powder-coated aluminum frames and ribbed padding in the seat and backrest.

Now can we talk about the cooler on the other side? Like com on!! What other chair has a cooler… not only a cooler but a cooler that holds about 24 drinks in total. Now that’s great for someone so lazy that they simply do not want to get out of the chair for a few days at least. Maybe overkill to some…maybe great for others. I can certainly see it being useful if you wanting to go to the beach and do not want to bring an extra cooler, for that situation this is a great thing.

AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair with Side Table, Set of 2, Tan

I’m a sucker for a deal and this amazon brand is basically like buying 2 and getting 1 for free
-Zero Gravity Chairs
-2 chairs in this deal
-Additional table
-Lockable recline function
-300lb max rating

As i said in the description of these chairs I’m a sucker for a deal. I wanted to include a zero gravity chair because of the fact they are just so darn comfortable. During my search, I found this amazon 2 pack of Amazon branded zero gravity chairs which each of course come with a side table. The added bonus is it comes with an ADDITIONAL table as well.

This certainly hits all of the objectives which include good weight capacity, has a table, in this case, 3 of them, good quality, and most importantly, in this case, it’s a GREAT value. Like honestly…

These Amazon-branded chairs are not only an excellent value for money but they fold away pretty darn good. They might not be as versatile as the others we reviewed above in the sense you can bring them easily to the beach or strap on your back but for a camping adventure where they will be set up for a few days or a week, they are perfect.

If you happen to have a pool at home or a patio-type situation where you are looking for more of a lounger then these would make an excellent addition.

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